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South Indian Sweets

South Indian Sweets is the simplest ASP.NET website which gives information on how to prepare South Indian Sweets, Different kinds of south Indian Sweets. South Indian Sweets is simple blog engine. The website mainly features on providing information on preparing South Indian Sweets, allowing registered users to contribute by adding other sweets to the website.
A key objective for developing South Indian Sweets is to provide information of ingredients and steps to prepare sweets by this means people who are interested to cook South Indian sweets will visit this website and get information and prepare sweets in home and serve guests and themselves.
The website has different kind of users. Blog owner, Blog registered users and blog visitors. Blog Owner who is creates of the website and he will have admin rights. Blog registered users who can contribute to the website by adding new South Indian sweets to the website and can give comments on others sweet recipe. The registered will have chance of winning gifts from the Blog owner for his valid sweet recipe with most number of likes on the recipe and number of contributions to the website. General Blog Visitors, who visit the blog and get the recipe information of South Indian Sweets. Blog Owner will be benefited if the number of visitors and contributors for the website goes on increase.
Blog registered users will have a facility to update his user profile like changing his current location, profile picture etc.
The Website provides facilities to Add new South Indian Sweets, Comment on the other recipe, Tag the sweet under different categories like Sugar Sweets, Jaggery Sweets etc. There is an option to provide rating on the Sweets ranging from 1 to 5, 1 is the least value rating and 5 is the highest value rating with recipe is extremely well meaning. Based on the number of Rating and Contribution of the site per quarterly basis the registered user will be allotted to Gold, Bronze and Silver cap the user profiles. The website is included with RSS feed to publish frequently updated works.
The website will be built by using the latest and powerful Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Access Tools, and .NET technologies. The User Interface is done by using Visual Studio and Database is handled through Microsoft Access. Programming language used for developing application VB.NET and Web Application Framework used is ASP.NET.

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